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Why Recycle?

Do you know that every year an estimated one million tonnes of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) are discarded in the UK? Electronic and electrical equipment make up on average 4% of European household waste, and is growing three times faster than any other waste type. We guarantee that your IT waste will not go to landfills. We are of the view that while today’s generations may not pay the price for environmentally degraded earth, together we can do our best to make sure no generation should bear the brunt of past, poor environmental decisions.



We provide our clients with the most secure computer recycling and disposal methods.
We developed our recycling process from years of working with individuals, businesses and agencies

We encourage the reuse of working computers as the first, viable, low cost recycling option.Reconditioned computers are passed to those who may not afford the cost of new systems, such as schools.



Non-functioning equipment are stripped for useful, transferable components by our experts. Processing of extracted components by our UK based recycling partners feed production chains.

Through our robust processes, we reduce the overall waste that goes to landfills. As we extend the useful life of used computing equipment and components, landfill pollution is reduced.